Mime Futurity Symposium

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generate new thoughts)

Aug 30—Sep 03

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From August 30 to September 3, the Mime Futurity Symposium will take place at the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam (Amsterdam University of the Arts). A research week for and by the Mime community, performers, makers, designers, critics, curators, researchers... + everyone who feels connected and curious. All welcome!
We are currently working hard to complete the program. Underneath you find a peek of the program so far.

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The symposium is produced by Mime Opleiding Amsterdam in collaboration with DAS Research. Organising committee: dr. Marijn de Langen, Dwayne Toemere, Floor van Leeuwen, Gerben Vaillant, Marilixe Beernink, Miriam Antonius. With extra thanks for their support to professor Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca, Paméla Menzo, Stella van Leeuwen, Inge van Eijck.

Provisional program symposium

Tuesday, August 30

From 17.00 we kick off the symposium! Author Marijn de Langen presents the incentive for this research week: the brand new book Dutch Mime, in its Dutch and English language versions. The book is 350 pages, richly illustrated, and beautifully designed by Connie Nijman. Marijn will speak about the research process, the archive, and hand out the book to a range of special guests, including many mimers with a lengthy track record, like Frits Vogels, Klaske Bruinsma, Karina Holla, Fran Waller Zeper, Marlies Heuer, Geraldine Brans, Luc Boyer, Rob de Graaf. Furthermore, we welcome guestspeaker Dr. Laura Karreman (University of Utrecht, Media & Culture Studies), a dear friend of Marijn and a close witness of the research trajectory.

In the evening, mime performers and makers will share their views on the futurity of mime, through self-written texts. How do we imagine the future of mime, as an artform, as it is part of the world?

Wednesday, August 31

This will be the Day of Zero, prepared and hosted by Ayrton Frank en Floor van Leeuwen. The concept of zero is a key concept in Dutch mime since the sixties, as Marijn's book shows: the idea of a zero point, a ‘neutral’ starting point for playing and making has always been very important in mime. What is the strength of the concept and what is its weakness? Is the concept in need of revision? Can we be inspired by ideas from other disciplines about (the impossibility of) ‘neutrality’? What if we look at zero from, for example, a decolonial, queer, non-abelist and spiritual perspective? We will start with Zero trainings on the floor, then we get inspired by several lectures, and we will split up in smaller groups to work together and exchange.

Thursday, September 1

A day program around mime techniques. How do we work with, explore, feel, use, train, sense, look at… bodies in mime? What do we understand by mime technique? How do older and more contemporary techniques interchange? A program with workshops on the floor (a.o. by Boukje Schweigman), an interview with mimer Klaske Bruinsma, the presentation of the recently published English translation of the Mime Handbook (by Frits Vogels and Amos de Haas), and much more to look forward to.

We are preparing an evening program at Club Church around mime and sexuality, hosted by Taka, in collaboration with Gerben Vaillant and Josephine Rahn, and costume designer Carly Everaert.

Friday, September 2

Join us at 14.00 for the Booklaunch @ NTF (Stadsschouwburg, Koninklijke Foyer)

Festive launch of the book Dutch Mime within the context of the Dutch Theatre Festival at International Theatre Amsterdam (PRO program). With contributions by: Bianca van der Schoot & Suzan Boogaerdt, Prof. Maaike Bleeker, Melih Gençboyaci (yet to be confirmed), Gerben Vaillant & Melyn Chow.

We are preparing an evening program in collaboration with and at the location of de Mimefabriek, with a dinner, Mime Futurity #2, and an exchange around the topic systems of support. How do mimers anno 2022 organize their own systems of support, nationally and internationally? And what is still missing?

Saturday, September 3

The last day of the symposium will amongst other things include an interview with Loes van der Pligt, artistic leader of the Mime School in the period 1998-2021, and we will move to De Ruimte (Amsterdam Noord), where we host a session called ‘Beyond the blackbox’, with mimers who work outside the theater, outside the arts. How is mime transformed in life and work outside the blackbox? We have dinner together, listen to some final Mime Futurity texts, and end the symposium with a Music makers & Mimers Party, with mimers making live music and DJ-ing.

There will also be some Open Spaces in the program. If you have an idea of something you would like to do, try, in the context of this symposium please contact us via mimesymposium@outlook.com We welcome all proposals (within the limitations of the Academy).